61% of those who have an innovation strategy said they are using AI to identify opportunities in data that would otherwise be missed. Only 22% without a strategy said the same. (Source: Narrative Science)

The impact of AI technologies on business is projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40% and enable people to make more efficient use of their time. (Source: Accenture)  

83% of consumers said they believe AI is going to improve customer service. (Source: Pega) 

The AI software market will be worth a whopping $59.8 billion globally by 2025 (Tractica)

The largest companies—those with at least 100,000 employees—are the most likely to have an AI strategy, but only half have one. (Source: MIT Sloan Management Review)

4 billion devices will carry AI-powered voice assistants this year.

The device base will grow to more than 7 billion by 2020 as digital assistants become common across all consumer electronics categories.(IHS Markit )

 More than 80% of executives surveyed are “eyeing the peaks” and view AI as a strategic opportunity. (Source: MIT Sloan Management Review

61% of top executives use AI to identify opportunities for their organizations (Narrative Science)

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