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Where No One Has Gone Before…

by; John Leschorn, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

To my surprise, late last week it was announced that Sir Patrick Stewart was working with CBS to create a new Star Trek series based on his previous work in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  To me this is very exciting, while I love the newer movies, I felt that the quality of storylines and relevance of this TV series are what held the torch so to speak, making Star Trek relevant to a new generation of people.

Don’t forget that that creative minds behind Star Trek created the iPad over a decade before Apple had anything similar, look it up, it was known as the PADD.

So, you are asking yourself, “What does this have to do with Lucd and Artificial Intelligence?”  Well a lot.  If you think about the Star Trek creative franchise, the storylines are about people, perhaps with some techno-babble, an alien threat which represent other people of different cultures, appearance and ethics, and a ‘miraculous device’ thrown in, but still about the people and their relationships.  Well wouldn’t you think that, based on our current trends, many of us having multiple screens, likely spending most of our waking hours in front of a screen for work, play and even social lives, that the future would have even more screens, even implants, to feed the information to everyone so they can keep up?

If you are familiar with Star Trek, you’d know that the ones with the implants are actually the ‘bad guys’ who have lost their humanity to the technology.

So where is all this amazing technology in the Star Trek universe? It’s everywhere, each ship, device, sensor, computer screen has been imbued with its own artificially intelligent operating system that automates and standardizes human interactions to a point that they are more intuitive and easy to understand.  The AI is ‘smart’ enough to make complex functions simple and present data in a way that a human being can understand the most complex concepts on simple visual interfaces and flexible enough so that the user can redefine the input mechanisms on the fly to serve their needs. 

Lucd believes in this approach, we are building our AI Library of models and functions to establish a new framework for advanced problem solving with AI that is suited for complex real-world problem scenarios, using our patent pending technologies to tie it all together and offer unheard of scale, security and resiliency. We are revolutionizing the user experience by bringing together powerful toolsets in an ultra-intuitive interactive environment that provides a well-defined journey from data ingestion, to exploratory data analysis, through to serving modeled data to external applications


It may be that the proliferation of screens and the challenging social media environment we are currently experiencing are simply a storm we must weather as a society while technology catches up with our ideals.

Computing power will continue to advance with the mainstreaming of quantum computers, 3D storage and super conductive technologies. This will enable far more processing power, data and intelligence to be ingrained into every device in short order.  Are we really a generation or so away from Star Trek like computing devices?  Probably not! Technology leaders are taking us there, Lucd is thrilled to be at the bleeding edge in transforming our professions and everyday lives to a positive future that was envisioned in the Star Trek creative franchise.

As Spock would always say, “Live Long and Prosper”