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What does Data Security mean in the world of AI

By: Russ Blattner, CEO, Lucd

data security
data security

When we talk Secure in our Capture, Secure, Harness process we are not talking traditional Security.

Traditional IT security is like a person securing their home, putting bars on windows, locks on door, or cameras around the perimeter.

To Secure your data in the world of AI it is much more interactive, more like the process of securing a Bank loan. Consider a few banks that you know, one that you trust. You contact them and they then pitch to you why they are the best fit for you. They then run a credit report to check for the likelihood you will repay the loan as well as take care of the property that is being used as collateral. Both sides need to feel they are getting a fair deal, will be treated well and will not be compromised.

Applying that same thought pattern to the different departments in an Enterprise, all departments need to be willing to place their data into a central location so AI can be enabled. Utilizing Unified Data Space provides that single access point. Finance, HR, Legal, Sales/the business, all need to trust that data will be isolated in a way that allows for value to be extracted but limit the chances of the data being compromised.

At Lucd we allow all data to be searchable and used in all AI models by putting all data into one data store, in a secure way, with a security model that enables access at the cell level and authorization using Boolean logic to specify combinations of access controls, thus turning your data into secure AI outcomes.