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The Meaning of AI as a Service

February 27, 2018| by John Leschorn, COO, Lucd

I regularly ask myself, "Are we building an AI company that improves the human condition or are we building it for profit?" and "Must the two goals be mutually exclusive?" These are big questions, in fact, society has grappled with questions like these with each new innovation.  I won't attempt to answer these questions in this post, but what I will do is share how Lucd plans to lower the barriers to entry in building, deploying, scaling and supporting AI powered solutions.

The big five tech companies and a few others are making great strides in the application of AI to our everyday lives, it is already used heavily in internet based advertising, self-driving cars, it's beginning to show promise in the medical community and a number of other compelling applications. These companies have very deep pockets and have invested billions in infrastructure and in really talented staff to create these innovations, in the end the reach of many of these innovations will be world wide.  Among the large players, disruptions are already occurring, they will only continue and accelerate as new applications for AI in digital transformation separate the innovators from the laggards.  Very compelling stuff!

But for many of us... AI is expensive. AI is confusing. AI is hype.

The barriers to using AI to solve even simple problems are high.  Specialized infrastructure, software tools and extremely specialized skills are needed to even begin to explore potential use cases. There is a big gap!  To change the world it will take more than big tech companies, more than huge super computers and government funded research. It takes the rest of us!

The independent professional with a great app idea that solves a complex problem in a novel way.

The medical device supplier who sees waste in expired inventory but needs AI to make the case for change and the ability to model a new better way.

The regional bank executive who cares about her community and wants to create solutions that improve their customers' experience while improving the bottom line.

An independent software vendor who understands the unique capabilities AI can bring to their software product but doesn't have the in-house talent or tools make it work.

So, what can we do to democratize access to emerging AI capabilities?

This is why Lucd was founded, to unleash AI for the rest of us. Our technology stack, proven at scale with complex and secure use cases, was built initially as a big data fusion center for the U.S. Government, we have commercialized it and integrated the latest technologies in our platform. Our first goal is to provide Lucd as a Service so the rest of us can build solutions that only AI can unleash.

Lucd is cost effective. Lucd is straightforward. Lucd is proven and real.

Lucd is AI in Service.

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