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The Dawn of Reservoir Computing Brings a Revolution to AI

by: JoAnn M Stadtmueller, SR. Director, Marketing

RC brings Revolution to AI
RC brings Revolution to AI

Companies have invested in their data warehouse for decades. Getting to the value of data that you’ve invested in for so long is at it’s dawn. With a revolution in AI happening with Reservoir Computing (RC), organizations can finally get to the value of their data more accurately and faster than ever before. So what does that mean to your organization’s digital future?

In order to take a big step forward towards your company’s digital transformation new technologies like RC will allow Enterprises to ask new questions of their data, dig deeper, take a second look at outlier data points and take advantage of the existing data that has been hidden for far too long. This revolution in AI could possibly, fundamentally change how companies do their business. Analysts have suggested that Reservoir Computing would not impact businesses for 5 or more years out. Not so with Lucd Dynamic Learning using Reservoir Computing. Our vision is to become a partner to our customers as they view this new landscape of data. Helping them to build their AI on our Lucd platform, together we are creating outcomes that have never been visible before.

We are excited with our new announcement at SC18 and the possibilities it brings to many verticals. Being able to bring massive amounts of computing power to the Enterprise can provide a platform for data experimenting to create new and better outcomes. Think of the accelerated time line from experimentation to solved models this can provide. The possibilities are endless in so many verticals. What use to take days, weeks or months can now take just mere minutes and with extreme accuracy.

We are only at the cusp of what our R&D team is working on and we will continually push the edge so that we can provide our customers the next level of digital transformation. We continue to work towards empowering your digital future with Enterprise AI.