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Someone asked me what Lucd is the other day...

January 18, 2018

by John Leschorn, COO, Lucd

Lucd is an artificial intelligence platform that provides a rich software stack for the vibrant AI/Deep Learning ecosystem. That can be paired with MapR or Data Warehouse environments or provide a secure environment as an end-to-end turn-key AI solution.

Lucd's Distributed Operating System (DOS) offers super-linear scalability performing at extremely high efficiency in a hyper-scaled environment. Lucd can achieve comparable efficiency on commodity hardware.  Integration of TensorFlow, empowers users, boosting the performance, breadth and depth of current models and outcomes while enabling new approaches to the most vexing challenges in the business world.

Lucd's Unified Search Framework (USF), our insight and control framework, discovers the best data models 10x to 100x faster than genetic algorithms, in Lucd it supports autonomous data processing and optimal model selection for Machine and Deep Learning in production environments.  We call this process, Dynamic Learning.

Lucd's purpose is to lower the barrier to entry, to meet and overcome the most challenging scenarios, by empowering users with a world class AI platform with integrated deep learning that is turn-key, robust, efficient, scalable and cost effective.

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