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No Time? No Problem! AI Accelerators Work Fast

by Geoff Craig, Director, Solution Services

This is an incredible time for businesses to begin the AI journey to leverage their data and create new business outcomes. However, many businesses struggle with how to begin. Questions that quickly come to mind. What data should I use? What model could we implement? How do I move from AI and data on desktops to a solution that will change my business outcomes? Thinking about how to get all the disparate pieces together can be daunting, possibly spending up to six months just building the infrastructure in order to start the data ingest process.

These are the challenges that energize us. We think about them daily and we continue to work with customers to take them from concept, to accelerating the process and on to tangible outcomes in an extremely short period of time. It is with these thoughts in mind that I am very excited about the work we are creating with Lucd Solution Accelerators to help mid size enterprises and their teams quickly get AI operational and start creating the results that will change their business with positive outcomes. These Solution Accelerators will go well beyond the standard MNIST tutorials and will contain complete solutions focused on specific industry verticals. Our goal is for our customers to start day one with a complete sample solution in place including secure data ingest, exploratory data analysis techniques, and sample models, all inside the Lucd platform. The Lucd Solution Accelerator will also include model training results and serving examples to show our customers how they can use the platform to create a tangible outcome for their business.

Our goal at Lucd is to provide a platform that can be used by our customers to create results that can positively transform their business using AI. We realize that businesses are in different places in their AI journey. The Lucd Solution Accelerator will jumpstart customers in any part of their AI journey get to business outcomes faster.


If your at Gartner Symposium/ITXPO October 14-18 and want to understand how AI can be implemented in no time in your business to drive positive outcomes and success, stop by our booth in the Pacific Hall #847!