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New Years Resolutions for the Enterprise AI

by; Russ Blattner, CEO

2019 AI Action Plan
2019 AI Action Plan

Looking back on 2018...

Lucd is proud of being incredibly powerful arbiters working to assist Enterprises with their digital transformation. Helping organizations realize the outcomes they never knew they could achieve from their data before utilizing AI. Now, just a day into 2019, Lucd’s R&D team is back at it, seeking better results, faster outcomes and new processes so that Enterprises can fast forward with this technology shift.

Forward onto 2019…

Companies need organizational change. Taking time to think of the countless possibilities you could achieve if only you could jump-start using AI. What would it take to resolve to change in the coming year to not get left behind in the rapidly changing Digital Transformation that is AI.

The list to start AI in your company does not need to be long or arduous, 6 short key words serve as your compass to get started with an AI Investment; Goals, Culture, Team, Capture, Scale and Monetize.

  1. Set Goals, get started, move forward on your Journey

  2. Get everyone on board – a Culture ready for change

  3. Find Team members that have an idea, and want to learn

  4. Do not spend time preparing and collecting Data – Capture raw, untouched data

  5. Find tools that Scale, and help put AI in the hands of more people

  6. Monetize – Look for ways to put AI into production, start small, but start now

2019 is the year you move forward streamlining your organization and it does not take a lot of money, time or expensive resources!

At Lucd we have solved the Data Scientist shortage with a E2E AI platform, so Data Scientists do not have to spend time building and maintaining infrastructure and with an innovative 3D user interface that enables non-Data Scientists to get started with Machine Learning.

The impact of AI in 2019 will lead to inroads of massive potential and a dynamic shift that could travel far beyond just this year.