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Lucd talks to the Nashville Business Journal

by JoAnn Stadtmueller, SR Director of Marketing

As Lucd grows and gains exposure in the AI market space, we are happy to see that our CEO, Russ Blattner, was profiled in the Nashville Business Journal (NBJ) this past week.

Recently, Russ was interviewed by Joel Stinnett of the Nashville Business Journal and the two talked about our platform and its capabilities for mining data.  The article is published here: Nashville AI company digging for 'the new oil’ by Joel Stinnet

In the article, Joel states that: “Oil barons and coal miners have typically been the extractors of valuable commodities hidden below the surface, but at Deep Insight Solutions Inc. they’re drilling for a different kind of asset."

Russ is quoted saying: “Some people say data is the new oil,” Deep Insight Solutions’ CEO Russ Blattner said. “Every company and corporation has to, at a minimum, start capturing their own data.”

The article talks about how “Deep Insight Solutions Inc. wants to help…..Nashville-based Deep Insight Solutions Inc. launched its artificial intelligence platform four months ago, after three years of development…...(Lucd) can help a company find and organize its data, capture other relevant public data, analyze it and figure out how to make it valuable”

As we continue our hiring, partnerships and growth, our distributed team is working on supporting multiple channels and customers. We will officially present our product, Lucd, in the market this coming month. Lucd scales and can pull data from multiple forms. It is a high caliber platform that is ready to handle a variety of data and compute intensive analytical use cases for any vertical. 

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