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Updated: Oct 13, 2018

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What Is a Neural Network and How Are Businesses Using Them?

Original article by Erika Morphy for CMSWire

"To understand what a neural network is, it helps to first understand what machine learning is. Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence where data is collected and used to understand the behavior of a particular process and then predict how that process will act in future settings as the system is continually fed new data. A neural network is a type of machine learning used for detecting patterns in unstructured data, such as images, transcriptions or sensor readings, for example.

“In neural networks, when data is collected about a particular process, the model that is used to learn about and understand that process and predict how that process will perform in the future is a simplified representation of how a brain neuron works,” said Mark Stadtmueller, vice president of product strategy at AI platform provider Lucd. “A brain neuron receives an input and based on that input, fires off an output that is used by another neuron. The neural network simulates this behavior in learning about collected data and then predicting outcomes.”


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