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Updated: Jun 6, 2018

February 20, 2018| by John Leschorn, COO, Lucd

Building an AI startup is an amazing and challenging experience! We have found that even with a strong foundation of tried, trusted and innovative technology and an incredibly talented team, it's more than just the development process, it's iterative.

Our branding is is no exception. Let's walk through the history...

Deep Insight Solutions is a reminder of the intelligence program that is part of our heritage, a very important program that focused on gathering and analyzing intelligence to catch criminals internationally.  However, Deep Insight Solutions Inc. makes for a very long domain name, deepinsightsolutions.com, additionally, in writing and conversations it tends to get shortened to, 'Deep Insight', there are other companies that are 'Deep Insight' so we did not want to be confused with them.

So, we were also thinking, inclusion of the word 'solutions' implies that we are services oriented, not a product company. 

So we shortened it...

dis.ai is shorter, once you hear it and understand it, it sticks, a five letter domain name is compelling, right? Unfortunately when writing, using 'dis.ai' in a paragraph is awkward and it requires an explanation. Ultimately, dis.ai is still just an acronym for Deep Insight Solutions, so the former concerns still apply.

We are zeroing in on this... 

We've already decided on our product name, Lucd. 

But what companies name themselves after their flagship product? 


Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram... 

Ok...  Maybe it makes sense!

Lucd, a slightly shortened version of the word Lucid, gives us a six letter domain, lucd.ai, and is easy to understand and remember.  On top of that the definition of the word lucid is in line with our mission:

lu·cid - adjective

      1. expressed clearly; easy to understand.

      2. bright or luminous

Additionally as a brand name Lucd is unique and maybe just a bit edgy. By unifying our branding and company into a single name we've simplified our messaging, and can bring more clarity to our conversations about our mission, purpose and product...

So here we are, zeroed in our brand, new luminous colors to match... 

Meet... Lucd.ai

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