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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

by Lee Guillaume, VP, Partner & Channel Engagement

Ai Journey
AI Journey

In the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, continued with her journey knowing there would be obstacles, failures and uncertainty, however she believed the journey would lead to a positive outcome. It’s fair to say she was terrified and unsure at times not knowing what would happen along the way, but she pushed on.

In many ways businesses are feeling the same pressures as it relates to AI. Many are overly cautious due to the unknowns. They are not willing yet to invest time, money, resources and are terrified of failure.

It’s OK to start your AI journey with unknowns, make a mistake and then learn from it. Business owners do not need everything perfect before they engage. I would however argue there must be a basic go forward strategy that aligns with overall business goals. There also must be support at the executive level or your program could struggle.

In addition, many vendors are stamping their brand as “experienced AI practitioners” which makes it more confusing. Who can you trust?

Businesses will be left behind if they do not engage in some type of disruptive innovation around data transformation. They don’t have to be a trail blazer in the AI space but must take the first step. Starting with a high-level strategy and small amounts of data from multiple sources can get you on your way.

Here are the key success factors as you move into the AI space.

  • Engage a partner with a secure enterprise AI platform

  • Take the first step and create a sense of urgency

  • Develop a high-level AI strategy (workshops to include all departments or just even just a couple)

  • Overcome your uncertainty with responsible planning

  • Gain executive leadership and support

  • Plan for disruptive innovation (in a good way)

Lucd can support these key success factors. We offer a jumpstart program and various POC’s that will ensure your AI strategy is aligned to your business goals.

We provide the core requirements for Enterprise AI: both a responsible data factory, and an open AI/machine learning platform, by uniquely delivering an enterprise quality end to end AI platform that is committed to helping your business grow.