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How to make AI Easy

March 6, 2018| By Russ Blattner, CEO, Lucd

Fear of making the wrong AI decision is real, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

In general, there are many things to consider including the need to find the right people, pulling together the tools, understanding how and what to do with the data and proceeding with some sense that you’re doing the right thing.  It can be overwhelming.  In addition, a complete end to end solution may have over 100 pieces of discrete software. So where to start…..


Hiring your own team – from what I have seen, unless you can really hire a complete team, you may be making a mistake. There are very few individuals that really understand the end to end program needed for AI, so hiring one, two, even a few could still leave you with incomplete and non-functioning pieces of the AI puzzle.

Training your own team – the primary issue here is time. Speed is essential today. The time it takes to get a team up to speed and move away from the old, silo-ed, BI tool based systems can take years.  That can cost money, hurt competitiveness or delay product delivery.

Outsource the effort – this too is an issue. Capable contractors with the ability to really do this are few and far between - most are working for AI companies.  Consulting firms may have the skills, however, there are countless stories of companies paying millions of dollars for a plan. Yet, with only a plan, they are no further advanced in making real progress with real data.


Point solutions that are pretending to be more - many tools are simply doing only one small part of the overall program needed for real AI. Real AI is more than a point solution

Established platform – careful here too – this may not be the “easy” button being advertised.  While it may be tempting to just continue with an existing partner, it may not be the best option. It may not be the quickest or most cost effective path to realizing the desired benefits. It can also possibly reduce your options for hiring and future changes. Consider a company that will: 

  • help you start now, start small, support an agile AI learning process (learn as you grow) 

  • is based on open standards (avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling broader hiring) 

  • enables role based access control across all data which will limit sprawl 

  • supports other applications and enables fast results which will help adoption.

There is an increasing number of online tools which can help an individual get started with AI, from Big Data to Machine Learning.

Good luck in your AI journey!

Lucd.ai – We believe in making AI Easy, Easy to get started, Easy to manage, Easy to get results.

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