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Hit the gym and hit your data

by Russ Loignon, VP of Market Strategy and Business Development

Jack LaLane personified exercise and fitness for decades. His television show in the 1950-60’s and his subsequent fitness centers allow people to maintain a level of personal satisfaction and wellness. LaLane routinely was also highlighted for his exercise feats and stunts. In an effort to demonstrate what anyone can do if they challenge themselves and work hard, Jack LaLane would conduct contest for pushups, pull-ups or sit-ups. Even as he became older, he would win each of these contests. At age 70, he swam handcuffed and shackled while towing 70 boats!

While creating a culture of fitness for the nation, LaLane built and created some of the equipment apparatus’ used today including the Smith Machine, used cables/pulleys and other technologies to better model ways in which exercises could be achieved. As a child of the 60’s and 70’s, I learned from these observations I had from this fitness guru. Exercise became a way of life for me.

Today, as I speak with businesses of all types I can’t help but draw a similar comparison as to how many of these business leaders are attempting to build better organizations. They realize that they have the basis from which they can grow, remain competitive and build new products and services yet they are struggling with how they can turn their challenges and assets into a stronger environment. Data seems to be one of the essential components that can fortify that change. However, data alone wont do it. Just like with Jack LaLane, muscles by themselves does not a fit person make…it requires exercise.

I think the same is true with data. In fact, some of the same terminologies used in exercise are being used with reference to data fusion and AI. In order for data to deliver it maximum potential, data has to be trained and modeled. Tools, such as AI technologies and machines, allow data to reach their potential and value.

Just as Jack LaLane created a national fitness craze and got people to hit the gym, businesses can do the same with their data. Flex their data muscles… hit the “gym” with their data…. train their data….look for and use technology that can transform their data. The results will be amazing!