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Going Deep with AI

by Russ Blattner, CEO, Lucd

In 2013 I was introduced to David Bauer, PhD., and from that first meeting I knew our world was going to change, he introduced me, and my peers to “Big Data” the predecessor to AI.  At that time, he had spent 10 years building systems and tools that combined “Data” to provide actionable information to leaders in the Business and Government Sector.  But, the “data” we were talking about was so much more than just “data”.  That Data was about everything; about any piece of information, or information about the information, files, pictures, videos of the world we live in……

After four years of working with Dr. Bauer to develop business meaningful data solutions, we secured sizable funding to further our work together, specifically focused on the rapidly evolving “data” technology of AI.  I am excited that we are creating a truly incredible company.  A company working on one of the most advanced technologies seen in years, but grounded with a corporate culture that I liken to the BoyScout Law that I pledge every Monday at my sons Troop meetings – We are Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. 

So: dis.ai is born - We Just finished a four days offsite Kickoff Meeting!

It’s not often in one’s life you get a chance to work with a small team of hand selected Brainiacs (yes and I do mean with a capitol B!😊). dis.ai is the smartest, hardest working team one could wish for. While I would like to take credit, this team is a product of the team itself, and our collective circles.  

And so what does dis.ai do? We help companies unleash AI to empower decisions and innovation.

We are innovators.  You will hear more from our team in the coming months, but the team we have has done some incredible things in their careers and are excited to share.  Some of their thesis’ alone remain pre-eminent in the fields of search and distributed computing that are becoming more and more important.  The world of AI can be daunting, and the talent pool limited, that is why we are channeling our expertise and energy into an end to end platform that brings together the best of the open source AI tools along with some key IP to deliver an AI that will be accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.  

Therefore our mission is to create Artificial Intelligence solutions that empower business to capture, secure and harness data that drives success.

The combination of the worlds best Open Source tools, in an easy to use system will enable all business to take advantage of the fast-moving AI market.  These words are important to us, so I want to spell them out:

  • Capture – with so much data being created, how do you really get your arms around what you have, where it is, how do you organize it, and how long do you keep it, or parts of it.  We can help with that overwhelming agenda.

  • Secure – securing data is not about firewalls, it’s about making sure data that needs to live, lives and is accessed by the right people and systems to enable value.

  • Harness – this is the real reason for any of this, making good use of the data to bring value to your business in a meaningful and timely way.

This all needs to happen without over spending, but it must happen to survive in this new world.So, that is it.  We are going Deep with AI.  Deep Insight Solutions, Inc., looks forward to the opportunity to discuss and the potential opportunity to work with all of you!  

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