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Friday Night Lights

by Russ Blattner, CEO, Lucd


Fall is Football Season, and for many, that also means High School football – “Friday Night Lights”. For those of us who have kids playing the game it may also mean volunteer time. There are over 120 volunteers working all week in prep for Friday Night games for my son’s team: coordinating, feeding the team, concessions, field painting & prep, film, announcing and much more.

All this work happens so the coaches and team can focus on the game. Which results in a fun evening for thousands of fans, young and old.

At Lucd our roll for the Enterprise AI game is to enable the Business and IT teams to focus on the data and outcomes.

Lucd, our turnkey Enterprise AI platform, brings all the parts together to enable the game of AI to be played.

Data Fusing = All pregame activities

Unified Data Space = The Field

Universal Search Framework & EDA = Announcing, Chain gang, Scoreboard, broadcasts

Compliance = Referees & Medical Staff

Outcomes = Stands of Cheering Fans

In our world of Enterprise AI the SOC 2 certification is there for everyone's safe use of data, just as the Medical Staff is present on the football field, they are there helping ensure everyone stays safe, and if something happens they are fully prepared to respond as needed.


Lucd will be an exhibitor at Gartner Symposium/ITExpo 2018, October 14-18 in Orlando, Florida. Why not stop by our booth #847 in the Pacific Hall to view The Lucd 3D Unity Interface and speak with a team member?  We would be happy to explore how Lucd can help you capture, secure and harness your data to bring better AI powered outcomes to your business challenges.

Gartner Sponsor,  Lucd
Gartner Sponsor, Lucd