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ETL, Analysis, Model Training....It's all Baked in!

by Andrew Galaska, UI/UX Lead

 ETL, analysis, model training
ETL, analysis, model training

My wife and I just moved our old, cat-shredded, yellow leather couch down to the garage. You'll be happy to know that we got it down our tight townhouse stairs without getting annoyed with each other! Last week, I completed a beautiful chair made of solid walnut with steam-bent hand rests, and today the finish had finally cured and was ready to make its way into our living room. This chair is seriously just a nice place to be. As I write this, I've got my feet up and a crooners playlist on in the background so that it makes the task at hand much easier to focus on.

This scenario bears a nice parallel to what we've been working on at Lucd over the past couple of months. What would you change about the work tools you use every day if you could? What would make collaboration, analysis, and maintenance a pleasure to use, rather than the chore that it feels like now? As the UI guy, it's been my job to make the daily work of our users flow much more naturally, and to take a lot of the guesswork out of using a new platform. We've built a new application from the ground up that brings the power of 3D to your data analysis, making multidimensional data a breeze to visualize. In the next few weeks, we'll be refining our new approach to the way you interact with your data. Source monitoring, exploratory data analysis, model training and management...it's all there in one application. No need to toggle between myriad windows trying to find that one thing you're looking for, it's all built into Lucd.

And that's just been my share of the next release. If you prefer to continue using the tools you've been using, you can use our REST APIs to do the work you need. The rest of the tech team has been hard at work, assembling a platform that brings together all of the most necessary tools a data scientist could need and making them accessible for all. ETL, analysis, model training. It's all baked in, just waiting to help you solve your next great data challenge, no matter the scale.