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Don’t speak AI? Let Lucd translate!

by; Christopher McGrath, Program Director

AI Translate
AI Translate

I was recently blessed to meet my two nieces who are 4 and 5 years-old. As is the case when you meet someone new, particularly family, there’s the unfamiliarity you must work through to feel comfortable with each other.

We were finally able to bond by playing games. First it was playing the memory matching game where you turn cards upside down and take turns flipping them over trying to match the cards. Next, we played counting and ABC’s. And finally, we drew a map. Or it began as a map to a castle, but by the end the map was used as a board game. We played several times, and somehow, I always lost. I don’t think I fully understood the rules. No matter, we both were smiling.

Did I mention my nieces live in Brazil and I understand Portuguese only a little (Eu entendo um pouco)? But that didn’t stop us. We found a way to communicate enough to play games. And she taught me to count to ten and say the alphabet in Portuguese, and I taught her how to do the same in English.

How does this relate to Artificial Intelligence? Firstly, it doesn’t, I’m just trying to get you to say ‘Aww, how cute.” Secondly, it does relate to AI, um pouco. I think my little story has a couple takeaways for those of you on the cusp of using Artificial Intelligence.

You don’t need to fully understand to jump in and play. I didn’t speak Portuguese and my niece didn’t speak English. But we were still able to play. You may not fully understand Artificial Intelligence, but you can still jump in and rapidly explore and create business specific AI outcomes

  • A lot of Communication is Visual

Perhaps we didn’t speak the same language, but our communication was the same. I understood her laughter, her smiles, her pointing, her hand clapping and high fives. You may not understand all the fancy stuff that happens behind the scenes to make AI happen and you may not fully understand data the way a scientist does, but you can view charts and graphs with your specific business data. At Lucd, we designed our interface to visualize your data in an immersive 3-D UI. You may not understand it all, but you can get a good start exploring your data via this new experience!

  • Translators help.

I wasn’t in Brazil by myself. My wife was by my side the entire time. She is Brazilian, and she speaks both Portuguese and English. She was there to translate everything for me so that I could understand. You may not know Artificial Intelligence, but you do know your business and what it needs. Think of Lucd as your translators. We have a platform and people that speak both Artificial Intelligence and business.

We’ll translate your business data with AI for you and relate it to your business needs. We’ll process your data and visualize it for you in a way so that you can understand. So jump on in and play.