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Does Your AI Team have a Brewmaster?

by Russ Loignon

Part 1

AI Brewmaster
AI Brewmaster

As I sit here on the banks of Seneca Lake in western New York, I have begun to enjoy the sun, the smells and tastes of summer. The summer heat has kicked in and the barbeque is filling the air. My taste buds have just enjoyed a home brew that was blended by our CEO and brewmaster.

As I enjoyed this concoction, I could not help but attempt to identify the many ingredients that came from separate origins and were fused together with the assistance of this fine brewmaster. His creativity and vision allow for the right blend of uniqueness for us to enjoy.

To me, this seems ironically similar to the manner in which disparate data can come together and are leveraged in AI platforms. The data that is ingested into an AI engine is similar to the hops, barley, sugar and yeast which can be blended by the brewmaster as he crafts his beer. The specific blend of these ingredients yields a specific desired flavor for his enjoyment.

We have seen how AI tools that can ingest and blend different data types and then leverage models designed to allow for an outcome to be realized. The combined data has to be trained and needs learn based on models. Similarly, the brewmaster has to test, trial and learn the way the blended ingredients, brewing time and temperature all effect the end product.

Neither process is easy. It took centuries of brewing practice to achieve the brewmaster’s goal. In kind, AI platforms required many years of effort and technology in order to reach the desired goals.

I am looking forward to enjoying the fruits of this fine brewmaster’s labor during my stay here in the Finger Lakes. I will share insight from each day’s testing of these brews and what I hope to be interesting AI technology thoughts……please stay tuned!