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Does Batman write his own software?

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

The Power of AI used for Exploratory Data Analysis for the Enterprise....

by Andrew Galaska


Does Batman write his own software? Bear with me for a sec. Think back to all of the movies, all of the comics and video games, what is the Caped Crusader using in the Batcave? Is it a spreadsheet? A pie graph? Probably not. More than likely it looked like something out of the Starship Enterprise, with fancy clustering visualizations, maybe some ultra responsive maps with any kind of overlay you could think of, or even a point cloud representing the Gotham sewer system. At some point, an artist sat down and thought, "What would the world's greatest detective use to get the job done?". And then he started drawing. It's an interesting concept, for sure. Yes, he's a work of fiction, but the question still remains. Are we getting a complete picture of our data, or have we just settled for what's available?

That's one of the questions we're asking at Lucd. How do we deliver the best data to the user?

No, we can't take you to a cave underneath a billionaire's estate, but we can bring the same kind of experience to your desk. At the upcoming Re-work Summit, Lucd will be demoing at its booth a new take on data visualization. It's still early stages, but with the magic of Virtual Reality and the brainpower of the brightest minds in the AI space (I think I'm the only one without a PhD), Lucd is on a quest to help you reach maximum value from your data...however much of it you may have.

It really goes without saying that an app capable of delivering these kinds of visualizations would need a platform capable of delivering the needle in the data haystack. And that's where the real show pony of Lucd comes in. No other AI platform on the market has the ability to truly distribute Deep Learning computation to a over a million processors. With that kind of power, Lucd can process and learn from more data faster than any other platform. Not to mention this sweet deep learning cake has data level security baked in using NSA-tested technology, so you can sleep easy at night knowing your most valuable corporate asset is locked up tight.

So grab your models, your gobs of data, come say Hi at Re-work and try out our fancy re-imagining of what data discovery and exploratory data analysis could be! We'd love to talk to each of you about how we can empower you to get the most from your data.

-Andrew, the friendly UI guy

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