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dis.ai Announces Rebrand to Lucd

The new branding brings clarity and understanding to the complex world of AI Nashville, Tennessee, February 28, 2018 – Lucd, formally Deep Insight Solutions Inc (dis.ai), who invents AI powered solutions for business, announces its new company name is Lucd. Lucd’s strong, vibrant rebranding unifies both its AI Platform and company into a single name. The advent of Lucd simplifies company messaging, giving clarity to the mission, purpose and product. The definition of the word lucid; expressed clearly; easy to understand, bright or luminous, is in line with Lucd’s mission. Lucd’s rebranding provides an enhanced focus on shining light on dark data by continuing to develop pioneering capabilities in AI, big data, data fusion and machine learning. Lucd’s new branding enables the company to better align to the growing AI space by bringing more clarity to the complex data value creation and digital transformation that big companies are currently undergoing. “The new rebranding is easy to remember and understand” said Russ Loignon, VP Market Strategy and Business Development. COO John Leschorn added that: “As a brand name, Lucd is unique and maybe just a bit edgy. By unifying our branding and company into a single name we've simplified our messaging, and can bring more clarity to our conversations.” Lucd's new logo provides a bright and vibrant identity characterized by luminous colors that reflect the bright minds that develop the Lucd solution. “Lucd will continue to provide scale and security within our capabilities. The rebranding will reflect our commitment to be cutting edge, always” said Lucd Chief Technical Officer, Dr. David Bauer, Ph.D., Distributed Computing. About Lucd: Lucd develops pioneering capabilities in AI, Big Data, Data Fusion and Machine Learning. Lucd leverages these capabilities to deliver to the needs of AI innovators that are transforming business and public-sector organizations. For more information visit https://www.lucd.ai/ and view our white paper Shining the Light on Dark Data (visit https://www.lucd.ai/whitepapers) Contact: JoAnn Stadtmueller, SR Director of Marketing joann.stadtmueller@lucd.ai +1 615 651 7327