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Customers need to limit AI "Rework"

by Russ Loignon, VP of Markets and Business Development

AI rework
AI ReWork

Sitting at Re-Work – thinking Customers need to limit “AI Rework” to reach successful outcomes faster.

Most Enterprises Executives understand it is important to get started - but because they are unsure how to approach AI for their business they fear wasting time and money. A bit of analysis paralysis if you will, but there are easier ways to get beyond the starting point without worrying about the chosen path. How you ask, well an approach is to leverage what is in the “Open”.

Enterprise AI accelerated leveraging an Open Platform – By using an Open Platform the effort and risk can be greatly reduced, the talent pool access expanded and the ability to leverage a deeper/broader set of online resources. Online there are hundreds of hours of free training, Terabytes of data and thousands of models. No need to re-write Models – use what is in the Open.

Building your own systems can accomplish some of the same goals, but that comes with risk, time, and sizable investments. The risk comes from having to support and update a system of unproven success. You will spend more time maintaining systems then you will be getting outcomes. This will take time and the right resources which will take a lot of time. We have all seen these types of efforts turn into science projects, not accomplish their goal, or timelines and untimely be viewed as a failure and funding & support will dry up.

Vertical solutions could also be a trap, seeming an easy starting point but really a dead end. If you choose something that is already deployed for your peers as the core of your AI you will always be trailing. It is reasonable to use point solutions for use case AI but really having the ability to go beyond the narrow hallways of Vertical AI will allow the Enterprise to diversify. One of the most common questions we get is what verticals does Lucd focus on, If I say x, y or z – we would be put into that corner. The same is true for an Enterprise looking to be creative and inventive – you do not want to get put into a corner.

Bring your Data, bring your Models – Lucd truly empowers the enterprise to get started with AI and how the Enterprise can reduce rework