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Brewing a Solution

by Russ Loignon

Part 3

AI Solution
AI Solution

Brewing a solution……

Yesterday, we visited a glass museum. The museum illustrated the manufacturing, history and art of glass blowing and manufacturing. Aside for the really interesting history that I learned, one presentation showed the use of glass and glass bottles for beer!

As we learned how multiple ingredients are fused together and heated, we came to understand that there are many steps to make the necessary beer bottles. The glass is worked, molded and colored for bottling function. All of this sounds eerily similar to points I made in my earlier blogs regarding the beer brewing process. All in all, I learned that the beer brewing process in of itself might not be sufficient…bottles are needed in order for the full benefit to be realized. The brew has to be bottled for both the brewing process and of course to enable the individual to enjoy it. The process revealed that in order for the entire solution to be functional, the ingredients for the beer weren’t simply enough. It required ingredients to be fused, molded and worked in order for the bottle to be manufactured and thus used in the brewing/drinking process.

AI is no different. Sometimes, the AI solution may require efforts and technologies outside of the AI data in order for the solution to be fully functional. It may require applications to be developed or consulting/professional services to be leveraged for the AI output to be fully realized. But once these components are pulled together….AI delivers its benefits.

As you consider your AI solutions, remember the brewing process. The brew and the bottles are needed for beer making. For AI solutions, look for the tools, technologies and platforms that address your needs by delivering the full solution.

Bottoms up!