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AI, Where are we headed?

by; John Leschorn, COO

AI for Mining
AI for Mining

What if we, as human beings, could simply focus on building relationships, building our ‘tribes’ so to speak and allow more natural and intuitive interactions to guide our daily work and activities? AI has the potential of moving our economy and in turn our individual lives in this direction, enabling each of us to focus on our own passions while leaving the non-rewarding repetitive tasks to ‘machines’.  A quick inventory comes to mind of just a few of the promising areas, out of the hundreds of AI advancements, that are bringing us closer to this more fluid and natural way of being a productive and healthy participants in society:

  • AI for Contract Management; Using AI to decipher the complex legal ease in existing contracts, rules and regulations is showing much promise.  I envision an app that answers legal questions, deciphers images of contracts and quickly identifies the risks, all though a simple mobile device.

  • AI for Mining; From exploration to automating vehicles to sorting the dross from the precious metals, each job has very high risks and involves putting human life in danger.  AI is in development that will control robotic process, manned by people on the back end.  This minimizes the exposure to dangerous environments and over time will enable mine operators to find increasingly sparse rare earth metals that enable our beloved devices to keep working will preserving human life.

  • AI for Weed Control; The world’s population is growing, we are constantly fighting a battle with invasive weeds, loading our fields with chemicals to kill weeds, even breeding and genetically modifying our cross to be more tolerant of the pesticides.  An AI controlled robot has been invented to do it the old-fashioned way, picking weeds, with the promise to reduce herbicide use by 20x. 

  • AI for Health; Our lives are a fabric of daily activities and decisions, until now Doctors could only see through the narrow lens of the paperwork we fill out and the immediate diagnostic tools to help us be healthy.  AI will power a whole ecosystem of technologies that are empowering each of us and our physicians to ensure that we are well as a whole, this can all be done while empowering the individual to control the use of their personal data.

I could excitedly list dozens of additional initiatives that are shaping our lives as we speak.  The message I have to our readers is simple,  AI holds so much promise for each of us, our children and grandchildren.  Now is the time to shape the impact that it will have, let’s be conscious of our personal biases and be sure that we are watchful as we build AI powered systems.  Let’s be considerate of where AI can displace professionals and be vitalized as a society to identify new areas of individual professional growth and productivity.  Let’s ensure that we use AI responsibly to improve our lives and empower individuals to make the best possible life for themselves.  Let’s take out the deceptive message from popular media, and focus on the fact that AI is totally and absolutely in our control and we can use this disruptive technology to improve the human condition across the globe, one life at a time.