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AI for Everyone Else

March 22, 2018| By John Leschorn, COO, Lucd

A colleague of mine recently shared an article from VentureBeat with me.  It was titled Don't believe the hype about AI in Business. I'm not sure I agree with the premise of the article, beyond its basic analogy, it makes a big assumption that much of what AI can do for business is hype.  Somewhat ironically I remember a very similar conversation I had several years ago with a vendor who made the same analogy about big data.

Transforming business is hard.

With every tech innovation there is a cycle that occurs, it starts with a groundbreaking idea that is applied in a narrow way.  Then the media and industry get a hold of it and go on a journey, a theater of the mind so to speak.  Many times this creates a level of hype that touts that the technology is going to solve the world's problems.  When it fails, many write it off, but the survivors keep working, maturing the tool sets around the innovation, at that point the technology gets woven into the greater ecosystem of industry capabilities and then it truly becomes an agent for change in industry and potentially society as a whole.

New innovations create excitement, but require hard work to be implemented across industry.

We innovate and iterate then apply that innovation with expert knowledge and resources. We then develop the tooling and methods needed to implement the innovation across industry, then society as a whole. 

This is the natural order of things. 

Think of the wheel, it took thousands of years to go from a working wheel to a Ford Thunderbird.

Speaking of a Ford, automobiles were considered toys of the rich before Henry Ford mass produced the Model-T on a production line, enabling the rest of us to have cars of our own.

Keeping to the car theme, autonomous driving has been a concept for decades, now we are starting to see real-world implementation of autonomous cars, the recent tragic Uber crash notwithstanding, self-driving vehicles are here to stay and will likely change the way we use transportation for the better, forever.

It's all about the tooling and the ecosystem of inventors and visionaries around the innovation that changes the world.

Let's remember that transforming business is hard work, building technology systems that have a complete mastery of the intricacies of any major enterprise is a challenge that industry has been working on and re-inventing itself through time and time again since the dawn of the first industrial revolution.

AI is the realization of over a half a century of deliberate effort to emulate the way we learn.  Only now are the underlying technologies getting to the point where we have the processing power to emulate a fraction of the mind.  As an industry we must turn our attention to refining the way we interact with AI to make it usable by the widest audience possible. 

To ensure that Lucd is solving the foundational challenges that make AI robust, secure, scalable and performant, we are also committed to ensure that the tooling or our user interface is more relatable and accessible by the rest of us, or as I put it...

Lucd Enables AI for Everyone Else.