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AI Can Change Your Day

by: Christina Francis, VP of Engineering


Seventeen years ago, September 11, 2001, a day I still will never forget.

At that time I lived on Capitol Hill. I heard the planes hit the Pentagon and witnessed the mass exodus of the city. My roommate and I wanted to help so we quickly took a jog down to the Red Cross to try to donate blood, what we witnessed instead was our nation’s capital, a virtual ghost town. All that was left was a few locals, like ourselves, a huge amount of law enforcement and some alarming motorcades…there was an unforgettable, eerie feeling in the air. As we continued walking through the city, we tried to hail a taxi home that day, but instead, decided to walk the 30 blocks. We could smell the burning Pentagon in distance. Within a week the man that I would eventually marry was deployed for a year.

Every year these memories bubble back up. Every year I think how data analytics and AI could have changed the outcome of that devastating day.

Seventeen years ago, there was still so many data silos. The data was rushing in faster than manual inspection of the data could happen. The data was over inundating the analysts. Could the data have been there? Just not in the right format for the systems to recognize?

Data continues to rush in at even faster rates. With current data wrangling and munging techniques more data can be evaluated and analyzed faster. With data processed, and data models trained, actionable information with AI allows analysts the opportunity to do what they do best, find important information, rather than fighting the data, bringing these trained models to the data silos and extracting the useable data. Collating these extractions and giving those individuals analyzing the data, a more holistic picture of what they are looking for. AI is there to help analysis look for what they need, and provide the supporting data, showing the data to help facilitate the connections you may not have originally seen.

I wake up each day, especially on September 11, thinking how advances in AI can change my day and make it a safer, better day for us all.

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