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A Tool Like no Other

by Andrew Galaska, UI/UX Lead

Do you remember when you got your first touch screen? The day I switched from an iPod (with the scroll wheel) to a smart phone changed everything when it came to playing music. No longer did I have to navigate clockwise and back with the millimeter precision to get the perfect beats flowing. With one swift gesture, I could pick the perfect tune and move on to something else. The taps, the swipes, it all made perfectly intuitive sense to my fingers, as though the muscle memory was just waiting to be awakened. It was as though one less layer was between me and the result I wanted. I'm sure most people reading this had similar experiences with their first smartphones.

We've got a similar vision here at Lucd. For too long, data scientists have had to wrestle with tools that give a less than complete perspective of the data using your average mouse and keyboard. All those charts, graphs, lists, and other visualizations fail to reach their full potential because of the way they are consumed. A set of tools is needed to get out of the analyst's way and allow him to customize his perspective. Something that is decoupled from standard Internet browser tech to take full advantage of the underlying hardware. Tools that are cross-platform, usable on anything from a 70-inch touchscreen all the way down to the iPad in front of you.

At Lucd, we're building an interface to make the complex simple and let you start solving problems by providing a richer, friction-free input. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Supporting this toolset is the core Lucd offering, an Enterprise AI platform capable of delivering precision machine learning with the scale you need. And it's all locked down tight behind NSA-level security controls to keep your most valuable data assets safe.

We'll be on the Gartner ITXpo exhibitor floor booth #847, 10/14 - 10/18, so be sure to drop by and check it out. You've never seen anything like it!