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A Simple Formula

by Russ Loignon, SVP, Market Strategy

There are a multitude of science and math equations that have marked history and etched their place in time. Whether it is E = mc^2 or the Pythagorean theorem or the square root of Pi….equations are essential to our existence. For me, however, I subscribe to an even simpler solution as quoted by Aristotle, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This famous quote rings true for me when I consider the impact of AI and Lucd.

AI outcomes are a result of data streams coming together to create something new and of value. By bringing different data types together, businesses can create new products and services, better customer experiences or create new markets. In fact the list of what can be accomplished with data seems endless and we are only at the genesis of it’s applications for business. In this way, AI can allow Aristotle’s prophetic words from 330 BC to resonate today. In the same way, Lucd’s Enterprise AI platform can facilitate this. Lucd’s ETL process, Unified Data Space, AI library and Unity 3D visualization interface among other key elements come together to create an industry leading platform. The Lucd platform utilizing these elements becomes the whole that is greater than it’s parts. These parts together create Lucd, they can turn data into Enterprise AI outcomes.

Aristotle’s words were somewhat represented this past week at the Gartner Symposium. The term Augmented Intelligence was referenced throughout the week as an alternate definition for AI. As data is fused together and run through AI models, the resulting outcome is served to the business as a new data point to consider. When we consider Artificial Intelligence as an augment to our decision-making process, the fearful hype surrounding AI seems to subside. As an example, Augmented Intelligence enables doctors to better analyze medical tests and retailers to better serve their customers. Reports indicate that the combination of AI and professional skills deliver tremendous results. AI outcomes bring more data into the equation and improves the accuracy of decision making.

Truly, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.