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20 Developers and Kubernetes Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes People Make...

During the Transition to Kubernetes

by; ThreatStack, Mike Brogerb

Mark Stadtmueller talks Kubernetes
Lucd VP, Product Strategy talks Kubernetes

Making the transition from virtual machines to containers is a complex process that can take some time, particularly for larger, more complex environments. Users are drawn to Kubernetes’ container-centric environment, as well as its ability to enable portability across infrastructure providers. Kubernetes also offers broad applicability; for the most part, an application that runs well in a container will run well on Kubernetes. These, along with myriad other benefits, are what make the transition to Kubernetes worthwhile for many applications.

Mark Stadtmueller is VP of Product Strategy at Lucd where he is responsible for driving requirements for Lucd’s enterprise AI end-to-end Platform as well as leveraging Lucd AI innovation and intellectual property to deliver the digital transformation that Lucd customers need.

“To me, the biggest challenges are…”

Deploying Kubernetes in a way that is independent of and allows flexibility for various deployment infrastructures including public cloud, private cloud, and on premises. Most companies need flexibility in deployment infrastructure choice, and so when deploying Kubernetes, maintaining that flexibility is the biggest challenge. READ MORE