The true value of data comes from both internal and external sources.  Real digital transformation in the Enterprise occurs when the value of the data has profound implication for the organization – affecting strategy, talent, business structure and even the way in which the team is organized. By connecting the available digital information and leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence so that larger datasets can be analyzed to deliver faster results, more accurate results and better decisions, real value can be unlocked. AI driven business value is projected to reach $3.9 trillion by 2022.  “AI promises to be the most disruptive class of technologies during the next 10 years due to advances in computational power, volume, velocity and variety of data, as well as advances in deep neural networks (DNNs)”, said John-David Lovelock, research VP at Gartner. Data value is now driving Enterprises to create strategies and solutions to harness their portion of that projected value.

Distributed Operating System

The Distributed Operating System allows efficient scaling of required AI training.

  • Scales super linearly because of highly efficient use of compute resources

  • Has been tested using over 2 million processors in parallel

The Lucd REST API Interfaces
  • Lucd REST APIs allow for the quick evolution of AI capabilities resident within Lucd and developed within Lucd to be deployed into other production systems and capabilities.

  • REST API integrated with the Lucd Unified Data Space provides a very controlled fashion to a broad variety of client implementations.