The Lucd AI Jumpstart

Want to get started in just 4 weeks?

The best plan of action… start small, start quick, get results fast, and then scale!


AI is made for everyone not just those with the means to support large expenditures. Putting your data to work with an efficiently scalable and dynamic machine learning capability will help you create outcomes for better decisions as well as a potential new business, enable you to rapidly monetize your AI investment. 

All businesses need to constantly improve to thrive. Whether it is improved products and services, more on-point customer interactions, or better ways to run a business, never-ending progress is critical. has launched a groundbreaking AI platform called Lucd that is geared specifically to enable businesses to capture, secure and harness data that identify trends, support decisions, and stimulate innovation. 

The Lucd AI Business Jumpstart provides an easy and compelling way for businesses to rapidly explore and assess AI tailored to their specific benefit.


The best plan of action… start small, start quickly, get results fast, and then scale!


Make AI Accessible to Everyone and Accelerate your Digital Transformation

AI is made for everyone, not just those with the means to support large expenditures.



Unlocking data value needs Lucd a platform that allows you to easily put your top talent to work levering AI.



The business value of AI and the value Lucd can extract are monumental.


Lucd is the AI Platform for Business

The Lucd Artificial Intelligence platform is a highly flexible platform that includes applications for data ingestion, exploration, and business intelligence. In addition, Lucd is a platform for rapidly creating business-specific AI capabilities and solutions. Lucd has been used but not limited to the following business use cases:​

  • Fleet Route Optimization

  • Disaster Risk Mitigation 

  • Inventory Efficiency Improvements

  • Network Modeling

  • Advanced Intelligence Analysis

  • Secure and Compliant Data Fusion

  • Petascale Media Distribution Modeling

In addition, Lucd is:

  • Highly compliant and secure

  • Comprehensive with end to end data management

  • built with ground-breaking IP to exploit AI​

The AI Business Jumpstart is the Agile way for Businesses of all shapes and sizes to start leveraging AI.


As with any hyped new technology, too often businesses looking to incorporate AI and its need for Big Data start with complicated consulting initiatives with ambitions requiring large expenditures prior to achieving tangible results. As Harvard Business Review states in its excellent article:

“our study of 152 projects in almost as many companies also reveals that highly ambitious moon shots are less likely to be successful than “low-hanging fruit” projects that enhance business processes.”

The Lucd AI Business Jumpstart is a concise, cost-effective 4-week engagement leveraging Lucd where business identified specific data set(s) are rapidly ingested and analyzed for trends.  With that, opportunities for better decisions as well as potential new business innovation are put forward.

The data is real, the analysis is real, the results are real. Also, the Jumpstart leverages Lucd's secure cloud environment so no customer infrastructure is required.

With the AI Business Jumpstart, a business can leverage transformative AI capabilities and the deep experience of Lucd innovators without the significant consulting, infrastructure, and time investments that would otherwise be required.


Take your company to the next level. 

Whether AI solutions are new for your business, or it’s time to elevate capacity, the Lucd platform scales with you, your data, and your customers.

Put your data to use with the Lucd platform to accelerate business innovations with AI