The Financial industry is transforming in near real time.  Today, both traditional financial institutions and new emerging financial players are leveraging AI innovation and other technologies.  AI is driving speed to market, customer value and innovative services.  Some of these include:

  • Natural language and chatbots for customer service offerings

  • Fintech and non-traditional market entrants (Google, AWS) challenging market share

  • Cognitive messaging and predicitve analysis

  • Leverage AI to lead 

  • AI for Wealth management services

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AI for Finance

AI is data driven and the ability to leverage advances in machine learning and deep neural networks may potentially completely transform the financial industry and banking finance function in the next decade or sooner. By leveraging both robot process automation (RPA) and intelligence process automation (IPA), banks can off load task related functions as well as asset allocation, financial analysis and forecasting.  Credit evaluation and wealth building AI tools enabled financial technology (FINTECH) firms to emerge while creating a disruptive market.

Privacy, fairness and responsibility are the keys for Financial organizations to unleash AI

Financial organizations need to ensure that privacy, fairness and responsible use is maintained as AI is utilized.  Security measures built to deliver personal data privacy and controls will allow banks to bring secure and beneficial services to customers.  However, even more critical is that as AI is integrated as part of the solution, non-bias and responsibility need to be paramount.  Tools and applications can be integrated with AI to help enhance the solution value.

Lucd Enables Financial Organizations to Compete

The Lucd AI platform is ideally suited for Financial market organizations with the need to compete.  Whether it is a traditional financial institution or a new Fintech firm, delivering customer services which leverage new technologies such as AI allows for greater speed to market, improved services and profitable products.  Lucd brings an end to end AI platform to all financial players to utilize.  By combining data fusion, scalable AI automation and visualization analytics, Lucd allows financial organizations to focus on their use cases, their data and their business.  With the Lucd AI Platform, finance firms can ask tough questions of their data and expose opportunities so that they can;

  • Detect opportunities and inefficiencies

  • Segment approaches

  • Predict outcomes

  • Recommend products and services

  • Detect market trends


Lucd has the Scale and Security that Finance Organizations require.

Lucd is a fully compliant data handling platform that includes FISMA compliance amongst other security adherences.  Lucd also has a secure data store with role based access to data, to align AI training only to suitable data.  In addition, Lucd has the scale that Finance organizations need having scaled to over 2 million CPUs/GPUs.

Lucd:  The Platform for AI Innovation

Lucd provides AI solutions for business.  With Lucd, businesses like Financial organizations,  can create new products and services, new customer interactions, and new ways of doing business through the use of AI.  Lucd provides ready to use solutions for business as well as a platform environment for building AI models and applications or leveraging third party models and applications.

AI for Businesses

AI is already transforming businesses of all shapes and sizes. The ability to capture, secure, and harness data to create new products and services, new customer interactions, and new ways of doing business is providing great opportunity to not only business but the whole of entire industry verticals.  However, AI adoption is not without its challenges.  As MIT Sloan management review states:

“Generating value from AI is more complex than simply making or buying AI for a business process. Training AI algorithms involves a variety of skills, including understanding how to build algorithms, how to collect and integrate the relevant data for training purposes, and how to supervise the training of the algorithm.” Link 

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Lucd is the AI Platform for Business invents AI powered solutions for business. The Lucd Artificial Intelligence platform empowers business to capture, secure and harness data that drives success. Lucd is a highly flexible platform that includes applications for data ingestion, exploration and business intelligence.  In addition, Lucd is a platform for rapidly creating business specific AI capabilities and solutions.  Lucd  has been used but not limited to the following business use cases:

  • Fleet Route Optimization

  • Disaster Risk Mitigation 

  • Inventory Efficiency Improvements

  • Network Modeling

  • Advanced Intelligence Analysis

  • Secure and Compliant Data Fusion

  • Petascale Media Distribution Modeling

Lucd includes the following technical capabilities:
  • Serving AI Applications

  • Highly compliant and secure

  • Flexible deployments

  • Data Ingest and ETL

  • Data Fusion

  • Machine Learning Modeling

  • AutoML

  • Distributed Computing for Training

  • Big Data Handling

  • API Interfaces

  • Open Source Distributions

  • Industry Leading IP